Saturday, March 10, 2018

2018 New Buys

Below shows the trades I entered so far this year (as at Mar) which are only a subset of my portfolio.

 Entry Price  Units  Market Price   Capital invested excl fees    P/L   ROI 
Sembcorp Ind  $       3.170 1700  $         3.060  $        5,389.000  $       (187.00) -3.47%
Singtel  $       3.370 2300  $         3.350  $        7,751.000  $         (46.00) -0.59%
Venture [sold]  $     23.050 600  $       28.020  $      13,830.000  $      2,982.00 21.56%
A Reit  $       2.590 2800  $         2.610  $        7,252.000  $           56.00 0.77%
UOL  $       8.400 1100  $         8.700  $        9,240.000  $         330.00 3.57%
ST Eng  $       3.300 3300  $         3.390  $      10,890.000  $         297.00 2.73%
HMI  $       0.635 8800  $         0.635  $        5,588.000  $                -   0.00%
Thai Bev  $       0.910 11000  $         0.815  $      10,010.000  $    (1,045.00) -10.44%
Capitaland  $       3.590 1900  $         3.600  $        6,821.000  $           19.00 0.28%
Total capital invested  $        76,771.00
Total profit  $      2,406.00

During the correction in Feb I bought some counters at a discount to their prices before the correction. These are the counters I bought using CPF, SRS and cash.

In this uncertain climate, I am switching to an active short-term trading style and will take profits as soon as possible. I also invested more $ this year as I became more comfortable with deploying more $ after 2 years of intermittent dabbling in stocks. I am still holding on to a large amount of cash though, looking for bargains to buy. Seems like a lot of good stocks have rallied quite a bit, am waiting for them to cool down first.

Last year I traded Venture and netted a profit of $471 (200 units) which translates to ~11% ROI in several weeks.

Similar to last time, I was not greedy and wanted to take profits as soon as possible at $26 due to the volatile nature. However, it exceeded my expectation and shot up to $28 due to institutions' $$ buy-in which perhaps helped to boost the rally.

I was quite lucky able to exit at $28 before it dropped back to $27 and hovering there til now.
I actually bought at $23.05 right before the correction and it dropped to $21.xx at one point before rallying up to $28.20 after the correction. As a counter that has shot up so quickly since last year (literally woken from hibernation), I was afraid it may fall a lot during the correction and never recover.

I think it will drop back to $26 or even $25 and I'm waiting for a good reentrance.

Thai Bev
This is a disappointment, it dropped sharply by $0.05 right after I bought it due to an institution dumping the stocks because of the dismal earning result. The sharp drop triggered others to follow suit. I think everyone was waiting for consumption to resume and for the company to post higher or normal earnings. With the high acquisition costs and the dismal consumption, the sharp drop in earnings just make it look very bad.

However, I think there is still hope as the acquisitions should bring long-term market share and hence greater earnings in the future. Some analysts including OCBC even maintained a BUY rating, albeit with a lowered target price than before.

This had quite a strong uptrend, I managed to enter when it dipped down to $8.4 from $8.6. I was waiting patiently for the fish to bite the bait. Hopefully it can rise by 10-15% after which I will take profit and rotate to another stock.

I bought these last year and they rallied up as the dark period for banks is over. I think my ROI is around 50% since I entered. I missed the chance to sell at $29.5 for DBS before it dropped to $28.xx. I think it will fall further to perhaps $27 before rallying up again. Perhaps I can average down.

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